Dragon Parenting Tips

Wildlife parenting…where children can be placed outdoors to graze in the backyard rather than pleading for snacks 16,000 times per hour indoors. Welcome to ParentalGrit, where today we’re running off on a National Geographic-inspired tangent to see what we can learn from Mother Nature about raising our young. If we pay really close attention, we can learn some foundational lessons from studying other animals and the natural methods they use to encourage, develop, and inspire their children. Let’s look at the Komodo Dragon, for example. Komodos are a perfect example of God’s impeccable design for the ultimate parent. Loving and caring, these majestic lizards lay 20 eggs at a time and, just like humans, wait somewhere around 8 months for the little babies to emerge. The pinnacle of parenthood, Komodo Dragons are so tender-hearted and compassionate as parents that they…occasionally eat their own children. Imagine that. So perhaps I was wrong about Komodos being a template for effective parenting, but it still makes one wonder what possess an animal to eat its own offspring? I have some ideas…

  • Mother Dragon was tired of sharing her food with the toddler dragon…BYE BYE LIZARD.
  • Father Dragon’s sleep was interrupted 17 times in a single night by a baby…SNATCH.
  • Mother Dragon’s will finally broke after being unable to use the restroom by herself for days on end…GULP
  • Father Komodo killed some tasty beast for the little ones to enjoy only for one of his reptilian munchkins to request something else.
  • Mama Dragon saw one too many eye rolls from her adolescent lizard. CHOMP.
  • Papa Dragon took one look at the family budget and decided one less mouth to feed made a lot of sense. SNACK.
  • Mommy Komodo heard her dragon son’s flatulence one too many times. BITE.
  • Daddy Komodo took one look at his daughter dragon’s male admirers and said ‘Why bother?’ MUNCH.
  • Mom and Dad dragon took their lizard family on a vacation that required a multiple hour road trip. They returned alone. SNATCH SNATCH SNATCH.

I can’t say that I have ever thought about gobbling one of my daughters up but I also can’t say that I haven’t.  I think there’s something to be learned from our predatory parental cousins.


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