November Twitter Roundup

November is the perfect season to be thankful; Twitter, however, isn’t always about giving thanks.  Okay, okay, it’s rarely about giving thanks.  Nevertheless, I love my Tweeps like I love my children: even when they’re being naughty, I have a hard time not grinning ear to ear.  Let’s take a peek at some of the magic November had to offer…

Now we’re in the Thanksgiving spirit! It is really quite the golden era of parenting when your children are too young to realize when nap and bedtimes get modified at a parent’s discretion.  I’m not looking forward to my toddler crossing this knowledge barrier.

Make the plan, work the plan, make the plan, work the plan.  This is healthy living in reality, where the bottomless pit miniature humans suck us dry of the energy to actually cook.  Irony here, of course, is that “Goldfish and Chicken Nuggets” is identifying frozen pizza as the best way out for meal planning.

(For the uninitiated, H stands for husband, M stands for me).  It tends to get a little foggy as I look back…to yesterday.  All I really know about my pre-kids life is that TIME. WAS. WASTED.

It’s funny how many lines get skipped and how many paragraphs get paraphrased as bedtime nears…another downside to the little ankle biters growing.  Stay young forever kiddos.

Nothing like a fine walk in the brisk November air…that quickly morphs into an epic, harrowing journey home at the mercy of little tyrants.

I don’t know why I didn’t put this together before learning the hard way.  My daughter was so cute pouring cups of water all over herself…until I turned my back.

PLEASE just one bite of fruit? Or meat?  Mashed potatoes are vegetables, no?

I resemble this remark.


As always, if you happen to find yourself on Twitter, please give these hilarious folks your follows and your love…and I’d be glad to have you as well @parentalgrit.

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