Twitter Parenting Vol. I

Twitter is basically my documented descent into madness at the hands of my daughters. While I may be in a Raskolnikovian insanity spiral, Twitter is there to let me know I’m not alone; fellow Twitterers probably are not going to help me…but they’ll at least laugh at me on my way down.  My first experience with Twitter came six months ago with the creation of and it’s been an enjoyable whirlwind ever since.  I am still finding my footing across all of the Social Media outlets, but it’s amazing how unique my interactions and experiences have been on each platform.  For Twitter, that translates to heavy doses of sarcasm and complaining.  #PatFrat and #Momsquad hashtags follow the travails of the modern family in hilarious fashion.  Today I offer you an inside look into the wide world of Twitter parenting…

Pelvis?  Pinkie? Pupil? Pointer finger?  To think, I only have girls thus far…I’m clearly missing out.

The bathroom is a terrible place to hide from a toddler.

Maybe I don’t have it all that rough as a father…

But I really needed that 17th handprint Turkey…

It’s a mad dash to nowhere when time miraculously frees…or I fall asleep.

Time for a dad to jump in with his appreciation for all the wrong things.

Sometimes there is only way to send a message!

Astute observation…there really are no accidents.

For dads, it’s probably just our shirt sleeves.  Or pants.  Or whatever else is lying around.

This, my friends, is Twitter parenting in a nutshell.  All the sarcasm, complaints, and venting nestled tightly behind true affection.

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Additionally, the 10 accounts linked above are incredibly hilarious and absolutely worthy of a follow!


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