15 Parenting Items to Be Grateful For This Weekend

Thank God it’s Friday! That counts as gratitude, right? We’re wrapping up Gratitude Week here on ParentalGrit with some vaguely resembling humor—well, it’s just sarcasm I’m trying to pass off as humor. We dove into gratitude on Monday, battled through the NICU Tuesday and Wednesday, and splashed around with what we love to hate yesterday. Friday’s a perfect time for the frivolous (and the heavily sarcastic), so here’s a quick list of items to be thankful for this weekend as a parent…


  1. Microwaves – How else would I reheat a single cup of coffee seven times each morning while trying to keep up with the toddler?
  2. Changing Tables – Wrestling two different flailing daughters while trying to change a diaper pretty much qualifies as legitimate exercise these days.
  3. Disney Soundtracks – They make me a better driver, as I clinch both my fists around the steering wheel while my ears bleed to the sounds of “I’m Going to Be a Mighty King” for the 57,000th time.
  4. The Trashcan – Provides excellent post-dinner storage for the meal my toddler didn’t eat.
  5. Speaker Bass & Souped-Up Engines – I wasn’t really wanting my child to take a good nap or go down early to bed, so I really appreciate when tricked out vehicles make a run through the neighborhood at the most inopportune times.
  6. The Bathroom – I never get to spend enough time with my daughters, so the bathroom is great because using it immediately attracts my toddler from all corners of the house.
  7. Youtube Playlists – Nothing gets me through a treadmill stint at the gym like “Baby Shark” playing in my autoplay feed.
  8. Carseats – One of the best places to store loose snacks for months at a time.
  9. High-Chairs – The four feet fall to the floor creates a much more artistic design as food and drinks splash from the crash.
  10. Kid Instruments – I’m thrilled my daughter is developing into the next Mozart by blowing aimlessly into a screeching kazoo, banging her drumsticks against the wall, and hitting her baby sister in the head with a tambourine.
  11. Road Trips – Nothing helps my wife and I pass the time on a long trip more than a simple game of “What’s That Smell?”
  12. Our Spare Bedroom – I didn’t really enjoy having an office when we first moved in; I always believed a plastic kitchen set and a house made of cardboard would match the paint so much better.
  13. Bathtime – It’s nice to know I can skip dinner on the nights we bathe our toddler; she fills up on dirty bathwater wonderfully.
  14. Daycare – Remember decades ago when parents would try to get their kids chicken pox early to build immunity? Well our daughters bring home every bug and virus in existence for us to attempt an immunity build.
  15. Lukewarm Food – My daughters really watch out for me and make sure I never take a bite out of hot, freshly prepared food. I no longer worry about burning my mouth!


And, as I’ve done each day this week, here’s my three items of gratitude for today:

  1. The support of my wife to peck away at a keyboard for endless hours each week.
  2. The affection of my new baby. It took her much longer to really fall for me because I spend so much time with her older sister. She’s really turned a corner lately.
  3. The ability to write. It ain’t much, but I’ll be happy to pass down my blogging stories to my girls someday; hopefully they enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

5 thoughts on “15 Parenting Items to Be Grateful For This Weekend

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  1. Love this list. My daughter isn’t old enough for me to appreciate all these yet – the spare room would be nice! Right now my wife and my bedroom pulls triple duty as nursery and my office… talk about cramping one’s style! For me, my favorite parenting product currently is a baby carrier It’s been such a lifesaver while working. I was so excited about getting it that I wrote a whole article about it, ha!


    1. Awesome Josh, go ahead and leave a link to your article! My “office” somehow became a playroom and my office desk moved into my bedroom…the things we do 🙂


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