How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt overwhelmed and like you didn’t belong in your role at work?  Does self-doubt hit you sporadically or even constantly and destroy your self confidence? Overanalyze decisions?  Critique your own work repeatedly?

This can be referred to as Imposter Syndrome and encapsulates all of these tendencies and more.  It’s a giant pain and plagues me on an almost daily basis.

I’m going to make you work a bit for today’s blog post, as I wrote this article as a guest author on Mary Fernandez’s blog, Persuasion Nation.  Please CLICK HERE to read the long form article I wrote discussing imposter syndrome and how to overcome it.

While you’re there, check out Mary’s fantastic website and courses on building passive, persuasive online businesses.  She is truly a wizard at growing online blogs and businesses.



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