What is this website about?

Parenting, I think, but I tend to wander off subject frequently.

Why is the site called parentalGRIT?

I once thought I could raise a family on good looks and charm; then I realized I had neither and also that parenting might actually be a bit more intensive. The GRIT is the down-and-dirty, survival character that gets us through the rough patches.

Why is the tone of the blog posts so hard to interpret?

I use an old family recipe of 1 part zero writing talent, 2 dashes of incredibly dry humor, 3 parts of legitimate emotion and concern, and 78 overflowing cups of sarcasm to write all my blog posts. The end result is a mixture of poor humor, genuine empathy, ample self-deprecation, and some confusing reads for you as the reader. I’d promise to change if I thought it possible.

Where can I get more of ParentalGRIT?

We have mostly functioning Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, despite my utter lack of social media savvy. If you need more PG than that…maybe email me and we can become pen pals? With enough followers, perhaps I’ll get off my back end and add a Youtube channel or do a Podcast. I have the face for radio and the voice for a billboard but whatever.

What makes you a parenting expert?

I am no expert and any and all advice is hardly worth the digital paper it’s published on. But I’m happy to share all I learn as I repeatedly fail. And, despite my constant self-insults, I have managed to carve in a few personal successes here and there in my first few years of parenting. Most importantly, I write to explore themes and topics that just might be a resource to an overwhelmed parent somewhere around the globe. You can always privately email me insults though, if that’s something you’re in to.

What’s with all the themed days?

We have Motivation Monday, Wellness Wednesdays, and Finance Fridays (I know, I know, I know…the names are SO original and the product of my brilliant self). I don’t want to limit the scope of the blog, but I do want to consistently pound on a few areas all new parents (and experienced parents too) consistently face challenges in. As more feedback comes in, I’m happy to modify the structure as the blog evolves.

When will the official parentalGRIT parenting manual be published?

Not now, not ever?

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