Welcome to ParentalGRIT!

PG is our home dedicated to sharing the failures, the fun, and the follies of trying to survive—I mean, raise—a family. I share all the embarrassing stories and mishaps I encounter while doing my best to provide you with some words of advice and encouragement from time to time…perhaps you can learn something from the PG community, or possibly it can be therapeutic for you to read a story and think to yourself “Well, I guess it actually could be worse, I could be that guy”. We talk about the innumerable challenges that arise from family life, from motivation to money to wellness. I typically combat the rigors of parenting with my two favorite weapons: sarcasm and tears. Stick around long enough and you will probably see plenty of both.

About Me                                Me

My name is Micah and when I’m not writing about my family, I’m busy actually trying to Father it. My wife Chaz (yes, my wife’s birth name is Chaz, no misprint there) and I have two beautiful girls, Eliza and Everly, and we are doing everything we can to succeed as parents. How do we define success? No idea, that is what we’re here to figure out! If I’m not raising my family or writing about it, I’m working my day job in Corporate Training and Development. Please email me anytime with thoughts, stories, ideas, and even insults at parentalgrit@gmail.com. You can also use the navigation menu at the top to track us down on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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